Are you an audio engineer who’s part of a team that’s responsible for setting up stages night after night, weekend after weekend?  Do you feel like everyone on the team is always repeating themselves and having trouble trying to stay on the same page with how the stage is laid out and what device is plugged into which channel?  Where does the audio madness end?!
I have good news for you: Denver, Colorado-based superheroes Joey and Mike are here to rescue you!
While fighting this very evil, fellow audio engineer Joey came to the realization that there had to be a better way to keep things organized and better communicated when working either solo, with an audio team or with bands in general. Reaching out to his freelance-developer cousin Mike, they put their heads together to develop Signal Flow, a cloud-based app for iPhone and Android that allows audio teams to plan stage plots, document device input and output channels, and provide a way to notify everyone on the team when a setting or configuration changes so everyone has the latest updates.
If you’re an audio engineer looking for an end to the evil plots (pun intended), you’ll want to check out Signal Flow!
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